Weight-Based Bullying Linked to More Alcohol, Cannabis Use in Teens

Teens who are bullied about their weight may be more likely to use alcohol or cannabis compared to their non-bullied peers, according to a new study published online in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.
“This type of bullying is incredibly common and has many negative effects for adolescents,” said lead study author Melanie Klinck, B.A., a clinical research assistant at the University of Connecticut. “The combination of appearance-related teasing and the increased sensitivity to body image during adolescence may create a heightened risk for substance use.”

Study Warns Pregnant Women Off Marijuana As Stress Reliever

As the recreational use of marijuana becomes more common, providers warn that consumption of the substance may have dangerous side-effects during pregnancy.
The new study discovered that women who experienced more stressful life events in the year before childbirth had greater odds of marijuana use before and during pregnancy.

Stress Can Motivate Us to Give and Receive Help

Even though stress can feel pretty awful, a new study suggests that it can lead to a surprising social benefit.
The findings, published in the journal Stress & Health, show that experiencing stress makes people both more likely to give and receive emotional support from another person. This was true on the day they experienced the stressor as well as the following day.

Childhood Physical Abuse May Lead to Heavy Smoking in Teen Years

Children who are physically abused, especially as toddlers or teens, face significantly greater odds that their adolescent experimentation with cigarettes will lead to a heavy smoking habit, according to a new study at Ohio State University.
The findings also show that neglect of very young children in the same high-risk population was linked to a gradual increase in cigarette use among teens who smoked.