Incorporating the “Art” in STEAM

One way I expose students to engineering is by having them take apart, analyze, and reassemble unwanted electronics donated by our community. Students love to deconstruct these electronics and see how they work, but they have trouble when they try to reassemble them. My classroom filled with garbage cans overflowing with these incomplete project parts. I was losing a lot of space in my classroom and I wasn’t happy with the amount of waste we were generating. I had to find a better way. 

The Missing Piece of Coding Education: How Do You Turn Block-Based Coders Into Text-Based Coders

Just about any teacher who has incorporated Scratch into her classrooms knows that students love this free block-based coding language. Invented by MIT, Scratch allows users to drag-and-drop blocks that snap together to form “lines of code” that they can then run to see an output. With almost 40 million users, Scratch and its block-based coding language is the primary way students are introduced to coding in school.