How Did The Oil Slump Impact JetBlue's Operating Margins In 2015?

Due to the plummeting crude oil prices in 2015, JetBlue’s average fuel price per gallon fell almost 36% during the year. As a result, the airline’s fuel expenses dropped close to 30% in 2015. However, this decline was partially offset by the ~14% rise in non-fuel costs of the low-cost [...]

How Is First Solar's Revenue And EBITDA Composition Expected To Change Over The Next 5 Years?

We expect First Solar’s systems business to play a slightly larger role in its revenue mix going forward, owing to an expanding pipeline overseas as well as the recent extension of the U.S. Solar Investment Tax Credit beyond 2016, which should bolster demand for utility scale solar projects. The international [...]

Mark Kelly On Astronaut Twin Bro Scott's Return To Earth, Gun Violence

Astronaut Scott Kelly, after 340 days in space, returned to Earth Tuesday, and twin, Mark, was ecstatic. "My brother is back home! Talk about aliens. He's been off the planet for a year," joked Mark. Twin brothers Mark and Scott Kelly have both been to ISS multiple times. On March 1, [...]