Mobile World Congress: Telecoms, Tapas And Things

(Photo credit: Christopher R. Wilder) Over the last two weeks, I had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe visiting several innovative service providers. The trip wound-up in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress (MWC). MWC is the premier event for mobility, communications and connectivity. There were a few trends that I observed [...]

Myers-Briggs Your Wallet: Learning Your Financial Personality Could Be The Key To Fixing Your Money Woes

You probably already have a general idea of whether you’re a saver or a spender, but a good money personality test can go beyond those basics and tell you what drives that behavior, what your money type means for the long term and much more.

The Highs And Lows Of Selling Retail Marijuana In Colorado

Recreational marijuana retail is in many ways just like any other kind of retail, with the same challenges finding good locations, hiring the right people, and delivering a strong customer experience. But as with everything in this new and rapidly changing industry, even the easy parts of retail aren't as easy as they seem.

Alexa Is Helping Amazon Win The Smart Home Game

The smart home market is extremely crowded and fragmented. Tech-savvy consumers who are the early adopters of home automation products are struggling with the incompatibility of devices. This segmentis predominantly controlled by Apple through HomeKit, Google through Nest, and Amazon through Echo. Surprisingly, it’s Amazon that’s gaining the mindshare and [...]