Developed Economies Are Caught In China's Slowdown

China is still ground zero for this burgeoning crisis, but the risks of a hard landing have not intensified recently. In fact, there have been encouraging signs that Chinese growth is stabilizing as stimulus packages buoy credit demand, home prices and infrastructure spending. However, the focus of downside risk has [...]

Scott Kelly: A Giant Step For Health and Medicine?

As U.S. Astronaut and Commander Scott Kelly goes from the relative quiet and tranquility of space to a long series of medical tests, media appearances, meetings, etc., his return to Earth is monumental not only for space travel but also for health and medicine. After all, to learn more about the human mind and body, we may need a little space.

Where Is Technology Placing US Jobs At Risk? [Infographic]

Technological advances are becoming a major threat to lower-skill industries across the world, especially in developing countries. Computerisation and the impact of new technology in general have dramatically altered the labor market in the past and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. A report published earlier this year by Citigroup shows that an average of 77 percent of jobs in China and 69 percent of jobs in India are vulnerable to automation.

How APIs Drive New Digital Business

Aren’t we tired of talking about this so-called drive towards ‘digital disruption’ yet? It appears not, but there might still a few fresh themes and avenues to explore. Let’s remember, 100 years ago (during the second industrial revolution), firms still had a Chief Electricity Officer (CEO) to handle this new thing called electricity. If we accept that we’ve just been through the third industrial revolution (the PC era) and the disruption that mobile-first has brought to technology, the fourth industrial revolution (the digital global business era) has yet to be fully played out.