Why IPO Investors Are Set Up For Failure

Since the beginning of last year, the IPO market has largely been a spectacular failure, with a number of high-profile companies falling off dramatically after first sprinting out of the gate, including Box, GoPro and FitBit. Some have pinned the blame on a poor economic environment, contending that given the uneven macro picture, coupled with all the major indexes being off by more than 5% over the last 12 months, the landscape was unaccommodating to all equities, let alone IPOs.

Qualcomm Settles SEC Charges That It Repeatedly Bribed Chinese Officials To Gain An Edge

For at least a decade, Qualcomm has bribed government officials in China, hiring their relatives, offering them gifts, travel and entertainment, all to curry favor with those in a position to influence contracts with government-controlled telecommunications companies, says the SEC.