Encouraging Words Matter in Your Fitness Class

How a woman feels after leaving a group exercise class is significantly influenced by the instructor’s comments during the session, according to a new study by researchers at Northwestern University.
The findings show that although most women felt better after working out, their mood and body image was even better when the instructor’s motivational comments had focused on strength and health rather than losing weight or changing the appearance of one’s body.

Depression, Anxiety May Impact Health As Much As Smoking Or Obesity

New research discovers a person’s physical health, including heart disease, high blood pressure, back pain and arthritis, may be influenced by anxiety and depression on a level equal to the long-established risk factors of smoking or obesity. The incidence of cancer, however, was not found to be associated with mental health risk factors.
The findings by University of California San Francisco researchers suggest the increased importance of assessing anxiety and depression during annual physical exams.

Children of Alcoholics May Be Prone to Marry Into More Alcohol Issues

People whose parents struggled with alcohol use disorder are more likely to marry a person with alcohol problems, according to a new large-scale study conducted by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and Lund University in Sweden. Children of problem drinkers are also more likely to get married before age 25 and less likely to marry later in life.