Threatened At First, People Adapt to Societal Diversity Over Time

President Donald Trump recently introduced immigration reforms that would prioritize education and employment qualifications over family connections in selecting immigrants. The reforms speak to those who feel threatened by what they perceive as a changing America.
But according to a new study led by researchers at Princeton University and the University of Oxford, those insecurities are unwarranted. The study shows that, with time, people can adapt to societal diversity and actually benefit from it.

STUDENT REPORT: How I Learned About Art & History By Building with LEGO

A few years ago, I got my first LEGO set for my birthday. At first, I didn’t know what to do. But after learning how to build the set, I really got into LEGO! Building with LEGO bricks became what I did all day, every day. Now, you can ask anyone who has known me for awhile: I love LEGO. I used to build with LEGO bricks alone, but now it's me and all my friends. Besides helping me make friends, LEGO has taught me more about history and art.